Flood Homes With Hope

The Work Continues

Flood Homes With Hope has been established as one coordinated effort that will address the long-term recovery needs of those affected by the flood in our region.

In the second year of rebuilding, we know that much work remains to be done and that Disaster Case Managers are still available to help.

If you need help, call our Disaster Case Managers. You can reach them at (218) 499-9480. Or Register Online for Help By Clicking Here.

Of the more than 1,900 homes that had significant damage in the Northland Flash Flood of 2012, only 5-10% percent had insurance to that would cover damages. Flood Homes with Hope will help individuals and families who have exhausted all other funding options to rebuild their homes, and provide safe, sanitary and secure living conditions

Every dollar donated to this fund will go to victims across the region to provide for material and labor costs associated with repairing flood damaged homes and properties. Administrative costs of the campaign are being covered though other funding sources.

Flood Homes With Hope will provide a coordinated recovery effort to the June 2012 Northland flash flood impacting City of Superior and Douglas County in Wisconsin; City of Duluth and St. Louis, Carlton, Aitkin, Lake and Pine Counties in Minnesota; and the Fond du Lac Reservation.

Accomplishments to Date

    • More than $20 million of federal, state, and private assistance has been committed to the individual and family recovery from the June 2012 Northland Flash Flood.
    • More than 600 residents have received direct assistance from the Flood Homes With Hope campaign, and hundreds more have been helped by our information campaign explaining the complicated system of state and federal assistance.
    • More than 800 residents have approached the federal government for disaster loans. As of the last report, 313 loans for $8.7 million had been approved. The Disaster Case Managers have helped more than 75 residents with appeals related to the federal loan program.
    • More than 300 residents have approached Minnesota Housing local administrators for Quick Start loans, and more than half of them have been working directly with Disaster Case Managers employed by Lutheran Social Services.
    • As of June 18, more than $760,000  had been disbursed to 380 households from Superior to Pine County from the Regional Flood Fund.
    • The combined commitment to individual and family flood recovery from private individuals, local companies, non-profit organizations and foundations now exceeds $2.1 million.
    • In early October, we estimated that about 200 residents were basically camping in their houses without fully functioning heating or electrical systems. While many of those residents were waiting for state and federal loan programs to complete their paperwork, many more had no idea where to turn. As of today, anyone who is found to be without heat is given help, usually within 24 hours. Disaster Case Managers have helped with approximately 50 emergency heating system replacements since that time.